Built SC

Built By Bass

2020 Fall Nuitrition Challenge

  • It will include an InBody Scan (at the start of the challenge and the end!)
  • 12 weeks instead of 8 weeks
  • $150.00 (includes the 12 week nutrition plan and two scans)
  • Opt out of scans: $75.00 (for nutrition plan)
  • InBody Scans no nutrition program: 2 scans $105.00, 1 scan $65.00

​For $150.00 I will provide participants with a 12 week periodized nutrition program + 2 InBody Scans to track your progress! What does this mean? This means that over the course of 12 weeks I will increase and decrease your nutrition intake to hopefully achieve fat loss and some positive body composition changes that we can track with the InBody Scan.

What else does the plan include?? The plan will include access to a private facebook group for online support and conversation, weekly check ins with yours truly, and biweekly nutrition changes over the course of 12 weeks. I will also go over the results of you InBody Scan with you to explain what the numbers mean and why that is important to you.

What is your commitment?? Your obligation is to do your best! This is not a restrictive diet plan, it does not mean you have to say no to a glass of wine or a beer with your friends. This plan does not mean you messed it all up because you went out for dinner with your family on the weekend and had pizza. This challenge is for people to have a short term nutrition goal and do their best to commit to that goal 80-90% of the time with the support of me and other participants.

Do you have to workout?? You do not have to workout. However, I HIGHLY recommend working out, staying active, and continuing to move as much as possible!

Do you have to be a member of the gym?? No. But why not join the best gym in town?! Check out our Rates page.

Added bonus: At the end of 12 weeks there will be a prize for the person who lost the most inches around their waist, the biggest decrease in body fat percent, and the best transformation photo!

For more details or to SIGN UP message me on IG (@builtbybass), Facebook (Built by Bass Strength & Conditioning), or email (! The plan is to start this SEPTEMBER 19TH AND END DECEMBER 12TH! That means I need to have my list of participants by SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2020.



*** It is important to note that I am not a dietitian. I do not claim to be a dietitian or nutritionist. This is not a prescription diet.

*** There will be no refunds issued after payment has been made.