COVID-19 Safety Rules

Built SC
  1. There will be a pre screening questionnaire posted on the front door. If you have any of the symptoms please DO NOT enter the facility.
  2. MASKS: Masks must be worn while entering and exiting the gym. They will also be mandatory in the change rooms/washrooms. Please try to limit the change room occupancy to 5 people at a time. BE QUICK IN THERE. WE NOW REQUIRE YOU TO WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES EXCEPT IF YOU ARE STATIONED AT A DESIGNATED SPACE. YOU MUST WEAR IT WHILE YOU GRAB YOUR THINGS AND WHILE PASSING OTHER PEOPLE.
  3. BATHROOMS: There is disinfectant spray in each bathroom stall. Please wipe down before and after use.
  4. Shower facilities ARE available
  5. We encourage you to enter and leave the gym in your workout clothes. Please take your outdoor shoes off at the entrance and take them with you to the change room in your bag or a plastic bag.
  6. Hand sanitizer is on the wall at rear, front, and outside both change rooms. There will be spray bottles marked “Hand Sanitizer” in both change rooms. Please use it.
  7. Please enter the facility through the front door with your mask on.
  8. Please respect 2m distancing rules. Respect the boxes outlined on the floor.
  9. Everyone must sign in with the sign in sheet at the front door. Please sanitize your hands after.
  10. Please carry around a spray bottle with you and wipe down every piece of equipment before and after use with paper towel. Paper towel dispensers can be found throughout the gym on the wall.
  11. Please bring your own water bottle plus a refill. There will be water to buy but we ask that you please not use the tap in the gym or the change rooms to fill your water bottle.
  12. The turf will be used for a single prowler, and equipment only. Please do not do burpees or any other exercises that require you to get down on the floor. This is for turf only.
  13. The gym is BACK TO BEING A 24/7 FACILITY!



  • If class is cancelled due to weather it will be posted on the respected social media pages and the website.
  • In the summer we love taking bootcamp class outside so come prepared to be outside and watch the social media pages for updates

​Monday: 5:30PM
Wednesday: 5:30PM
Sunday: 9:00AM



Monday to Thursday: 6AM – 8PM
Friday: 6AM – 5PM