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Built SC

Discover the perfect class schedule for you at Built Strength and Conditioning! Whether you’re looking to enhance your Olympic weightlifting skills in our Barbell Club, improve your gymnastics techniques, or break a sweat in our Bootcamp, we have an array of classes to suit your fitness goals.

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Barbell Club
This is BuiltSC’s Olympic Weightlifting class. This is not a beginner class and the basic techniques of Clean & Jerk and Snatch is a requirement to participate. Join us weekly or drop in when you can! 

Beginner/Intermediate Gymnastics 2

Welcome to our second 8 week beginner/intermediate gymnastics course! In this course you will work closely with the coach on your kipping pull-up, chest to bar pull-ups and handstand pushup strength. Please note that this will be beneficial for those who still feel competent in these movements. We will also work on toes to bar! The drills learned in our course will set you up for greater success long term due to the increased bar efficiency we aim to develop

Bootcamp class is for everyone! It’s a sweaty workout that the instructor can tailor for all fitness levels. Purchase a class package, or join in for free with a class membership option!

Community Workout
This workout is meant for EVERYONE! Beginner, intermediate, advanced; just know you are going to sweat and you’re going to have fun doing it! This is a FREE class for the community to attend. You are still required to sign up but if you have a class membership or class passes, this will not take a pass away from you. We want you to be part of the Built family, so come join in and bring your friends! The LAST Saturday of every month we will complete a HERO workout and immediately following we will enjoy a social gathering pot luck style. Don’t miss out!!

D.F.S Training

D.F.S Training…. Doing Fun S*** or Stuff! This class is for those who are willing to train anything and everything. It will take a XBuilt approach. Could be a hero style workout, big chippers, partner or small group, lifting heavy stuff including odd objects like sandbags, lifting light stuff for multiple reps, barbell cycling etc. This class will require some experience. We ask that you are not unfamiliar with the barbell including olympic lifting (clean and shoulder to overhead and snatch). If this class interests you but you are not sure, please message a coach and ask! Drop in rates are $20.00+tax or included with a Class Membership.

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Gymnastics: Handstands
The focus of this 8 week gymnastics cycle is Handstand Push-ups. We will get comfortable with being inverted, work on the skill of kipping, and continue to work on strict strength. This session is for all levels, however being able to handstand hold on the wall, and headstand hold is recommended/beneficial.

KB Built
KB Built is our all kettlebell conditioning class, taught by our Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Coach, Curtis Coyne! Drop ins are welcome or sign up for a membership to get this class covered weekly! 

Masters Xbuilt
This class is geared towards men and women, ages 55+. All levels of fitness are welcome. Come and learn how to move your body or challenge yourself and maybe learn something new! In this class we will work on strengthening muscles, bones and hearts therefore, keeping you strong and fit! With a small class size of 10-12 people, the coach will always keep a close eye and allow for a personalized workout experience.

BuiltSC’s Mobility series. This class will be offered in 6 week blocks to assist you in gaining all over body mobility. Our hope is that every participant will see improvement in their mobility required for most exercises performed at the gym. Stiff spine? Shoulders? Ankles? Hips? This is the class for you!

Our Strength Training class rooted in powerlifting that focusses on squatting, deadlifting, overhead and bench pressing with all the appropriate accessory work to meet your strength training goals! No conditioning just muscle building. Class will be lead by an experienced and knowledgable coach. Let’s get wicked strong together!

Womens Master XBuilt
This class is for women, ages 45+. All levels of fitness are welcome. Come and learn how to move your body or challenge yourself and maybe learn something new! In this class we will work on strengthening muscles, bones and hearts therefore, keeping you strong and fit Just like we do in all of our XBuilt classes!

In our CrossBuilt Training class you will be coached in a small group of 8-12 people by a Level 1 or Level 2 CrossFit certified instructor. This class is for anyone looking to improve across all physical skills of fitness; cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. These skills will be trained and practiced to yield favourable fitness results that everyone will have a great time achieving together! Follow along on the SugarWOD app where you can see and log the daily workouts!


This class is perfect to break up your work day. Only 45 minutes long! Come get an awesome workout lead by a CrossFit Certified Coach and be done with plenty of time to get back to work. This class will be the workout of the day metabolic conditioning piece found on our programming app, SugarWOD!

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